Sophia is not just another chiropractor. She is much, much more. Without getting into specifics, anyone, at any age, may be treated, without harsh adjustments, for almost any ailment. Her non-evasive and ground breaking approach to healing, is truly unique and truly works to bring relief of physical discomfort while awakening the patients emotional and physical areas of distress which may be the roots causes of concern. She requires detailed patient history which enables her to work with her patients to eliminate these areas of distress. I could go on and on about the benefits that I and many others have experienced. Call for an appointment without delay, especially if you have problems ranging from emotional distress of all kinds to physical discomfort and pain. You will walk out of your first visit with much less discomfort, a hug from Sophia and a new way of seeing how many different areas of your way of life can and will change to influence your being with complete and total wellness.

–  Jan Nay

Since starting Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Sophia Rodrigues, I am inspired to take better care of my body, mind and spirit. I am happier in my own skin, clearer in my intellect and emotions, and more aware of the depth of my spiritual being. It’s as though I am making a new commitment to evolving, to honor myself and my life, which allows me to honor all of life and recognize my unity. Network Spinal Analysis is vital for this time in human evolution.

–  Joan P.

I had constant neck and sciatic pain that was stress related. I have less neck pain, sciatica is minimal, which I can often work out myself. I have a shorter recovery time and can do everything again, yard work, home repairs, and I am not pain ridden for weeks! Consistent treatments are the ticket to keeping you flexible and pain free. Having done traditional chiropractic, I find Network Care much more effective! 

–  Gana M.

I have scoliosis that causes back, hip and neck pain. I was looking for an approach that involved a deeper level of healing for stress release, emotional balance, and healing my spine felt like a spiritual and emotional issue. I now feel energy flowing in areas I’ve never felt before, better sleep, more emotional balance, reduced stress, less pain, more energy, more transformation, and I feel more confident and capable to succeed in my life and relationship with my partner.

– Devjeet B.

I take my health seriously, and Network Care is part of my wellness. I am more flexible, strong, resilient, energized, confident and can perform my aerial dance better. I used to hurt my back a lot and I don’t anymore. When I feel things out of place, I can move to adjust myself!

– Janie G.

I was in a head-on collision and had an extremely bad case of whiplash with excruciating neck and back pain. I am experiencing no pain of any kind. I think this is what you call a miracle!!

– Merci M.

After suffering from allergies for fifteen years, I did not think that I would breathe normally ever again. Now, not only during my adjustments but the entire time until my next one, my breathing is open, full and so refreshing. I can actually smell and taste things in a brand new way more than ever before. It is like getting over a fifteen-year cold and going back to a normal life again.

Since being under Network Care, my life has completely changed for the better, sacral pain gone, and I am overall happier.

– Aimee M.

When I started care I had spinal stenosis, sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy. Since being under Network Care I am able to walk without pain. These healing treatments with Dr. Sophia have enhanced my life.

– Jacklin H.

Dr. Sophia is my angel. I had a miraculous healing while under her care. I had a huge calcium deposit and a frozen shoulder. Several MDs said that my body could not absorb that large of a deposit and I would require surgery. My frozen shoulder should have lingered for 1 ½ -2 years, but all was healed in 2 weeks.

– Betsy D.

My intestines are calming down. I smile easier and I’m so mellow I hardly recognize myself.

– Barbara

Thank you for helping me to rediscover my capacity for self-healing. I am more acutely aware of my entire body as a result of Network Spinal Analysis. My spine, subsequently is being awakened to a memory of its own proper alignment.

– Helan

My results from Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Sophia Rodrigues are truly remarkable. In a few short months I have achieved and maintained a range of motion I have not had since my early twenties. She is a gifted healer with a sensitive and intuitive touch. I wholeheartedly accept Dr. Sophia’s invitation to heal, vitalize, love and live to my fullest potential.

–  Scott S.

I had lower back pain, scoliosis and paranoid schizophrenia. My low back pain and scoliosis disappeared, and I hear voices much less. I have more mobility, am more assertive, independent, have more energy and am happier.

–  Desiree P.

When I first came in, I had a sprained hip, was wearing a hip brace and could hardly walk. After the first treatment, I could walk again without pain. I was so amazed by the work that I continued and found that Network Care helped my body get through daily stresses, the stress of travel to the mainland and even the stress of my Mom passing away. I hardly ever get colds and flus or get sick anymore.

– Lupita P.

I had compression fractures of T9 and T11 in my spine two years ago and had stiffness and loss of range of motion. My breath feels fuller, I feel taller, more flexible, empowered that I can change my spine without seeking outside help for my body. Dr. Sophia is sensitive and focused, and it is a real pleasure to be worked on with such intention.

– Wendi L.

No more lower back problems. My attitude and expectations have improved, family relationships greatly improved, and I have more confidence in myself. Life is great!

– Sharon M.

The quality of my life has changed as my irritable bowel syndrome has markedly improved. When a stressful situation arises I can deal with it much more easily than in years past. Dr. Sophia has been such a huge part of my emotional and physical healing.

– Caroline G.

I was having minor back and knee pain that were affecting my mobility and freedom to play with my son. Since being under Network Care, I have felt healthier and happier and more mobile. I now feel more energy and physical freedom to play with my son and live my life fully. I was amazed how in such a short time, Dr. Sophia was able to improve my life so much and get rid of the pain I was feeling.

– Janine M.

I have no aches and pains, very seldom a headache and no symptoms of carpel tunnel. I have good posture, and my overall mental and physical health has benefited. The quality of my life has improved. Stick with it—the results are amazing.

– Rita K.

I wish I had found Dr. Sophia years ago. Thank you, Dr. Sophia, for your amazing, healing talent.

– Mindi S.

I feel more flexible and younger. Dr. Sophia is a highly competent healer. Thank you so much, Dr. Sophia, for elevating my whole body and spirit.

– Sirje B.

My whole being feels as if it’s recalibrating to a higher level. It is so exciting and beautiful to feel my authentic self-emerging.

– Susan O.

Sophia, thank you for your stalwart support. It is a fortress in the chaos.

– Kimberly

Since being under Network Care I have a more relaxed spine and more energy and less stress. Dr. Sophia is by far the best practitioner I have had.

– Gil D.

My back and body and spirit are the best I’ve ever known.

After a five-day vacation, I am sooooo glad to be home—and home is where my Network Chiropractor is.

– Jeane

The freedom from pain—totally—in my lower back is tremendous.

After seeing a neurologist and a rheumatologist who both said there was nothing they could do to help me with fibromyalgia, I felt crippled and tired and angry. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Rodrigues. Now my body doesn’t hurt anymore. Life seems more worth living. I’m very grateful to Dr. Rodrigues for improving my quality of life.

– Katie J.

I had neck and lower back and hip pain. The pain has subsided considerably to where I am more active with little to no pain. I love that I am now able to stay active and engaged in life since I always was a highly physical person. Dr. Sophia provides a loving and healing space. You can feel the ALOHA!

– Galann M.

I’ve gone through many blocks, of not having a relationship, for example, and I really believe my wonderful marriage came from removing the blocks so I can live more fully. I am a more integrated and intelligent person.

– Marie A.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago. Just when I thought there was no hope at all, a friend told me about Dr. Rodrigues. Well, I wish I would have done this earlier. I am no longer popping ibuprofen left and right.

– P. M.

I have only been seeing Dr. Sophia for less than two months and already feel way lighter in body, a lot less tension over all. I feel I have better posture and feel an increase in stamina, focus and peace of mind. I feel I am less overwhelmed by anxiety and fear since I have started treatment. Sophia is a Gem of a person and a pleasure to be treated by. I appreciate all the information she shares with me through the intake process and her ongoing classes held at the clinic. I am excited to continue with care to watch my wellness increase. I have also been telling many friends about Sophia and Network Chiropractic because I really believe in the effectiveness and importance of this work and I want to witness and share these transformations with others!

– Benjahmin K.

My main problem was asthma and from the beginning—I came in very sick. The asthma condition really puts limits on my life as it was chronic and nothing really worked. After three visits I was so much better. I was amazed at how well I could breathe! Since the time that I was a small child, I used to wheeze 70% of the time. Now hardly ever.

-Paul A.

I love coming to see you because I know I will feel great after the session. I feel relaxed, lighter, warm, calm, centered and turned on in every cell in my body. I get such a high from the energy, I feel balanced.

– Karina.

Due to the expertise and caring treatment of Dr. Sophia, I have released a tremendous amount of pain from my back.

I had chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, long term neck pain and a number of other difficulties including inflamed arthritis. Since being under Network Care, my fatigue issues have gradually resolved, my migraines have lessened in severity and frequency, my neck pain is much, much less! I have moved from a life of managing pain to one where I am taking on new challenges and living more freely and fully engaged.

– Sandy S.

I had Fibromyalgia and other health issues: low energy; joint and muscle pain; headaches; anxiety and stress levels were high. Since being under Network Care, I have higher energy levels, my overall health has improved, and my stress is more manageable. My quality of life is much improved!

– Evangeline D.

I hurt all over, all the time. When I compare where I am now with where I was, the change is huge. I felt crippled and tired and angry all the time at hurting so much. After two years of Network Chiropractic my back hasn’t blown out and I don’t feel crippled any more. Life seems more worth living.

– Katie J.

Sophia’s focused attention, love and care are very nurturing.

Sophia radiates love and enthusiasm for her healing practice. Sophia is present, perceptive and follows through.

– Odilia M.
Disclaimer:  Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

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